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The Original Mustang Cold Air Intake Since 2001
Specializing in 1989-2010 Mustang GT, Bullitt, Cobra, Roush, & Saleen
N/A & Supercharged Performance Air Intakes. 
(Formally Densecharger)

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Making Quality True Mustang Cold Air Intakes Since 2001
ALL Our Intake systems are guaranteed not to set off check engine lights with our custom tunes.

Tunable Induction Mustang Cold Air Intakes


Welcome to Tunable Induction LLC Originally Established in 2001 by
John De Molet, Tunable Induction has satisfied thousands and thousands of mustang enthusiasts world wide. We'd like to thank John for all his effort and development that he has contributed to the industry over the past 8 years. And to all his satisfied customers for their support. We look forward to continuing to providing the industry with new products for more models building off the already popular intake systems that have been offered for years and continuing his legacy with our new state of the art facility and staff. 

And Using the Best Flowing Filters On The Market!

What Makes Us Different!

2005+ Mustang GT CAI Have 95 MAF - 100mm Pipe Intake System
Don't be fooled by the Competitions Billet MAF, Our Intake is ABS, Including our CNC's MAF Housing, Hands Down Cooler Air Makes More Power!

Our 2005 to 2010 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L 3v V8 Cold Air Intake kits have Larger MAF Housings, Our Greenfilters Have Been Proven To Flow More Than Other Filters On The Market, And We Make MORE Horsepower than Our Competition - Independently Dyno Proven! We've Seen 38+rwhp even as much as 50+rwhp on bones stock Mustangs with just the addition of our Intake and 93oct Custom Dyno Tuning.  Get the Best "True" Cold Air Intake On the Market Money Can Buy!


It's a simple law of physics that metal conducts heat and a plastic meter provides insulation and remains cool. We go one step further with a high heat high gloss black paint coating on the meter.

Tunable Induction Systems are available for 87- 88 speed density 5.0,
89-93 M.A.F. 5.0 Mustangs, 94-04 V6 Mustangs, 96-04 4.6 V8 2V GT / Bullitts, 96-04 4V Mustang Cobras, as Well as 05+ Mustang GT and V6's.

Our systems are popular because they perform and offer you the best bang for buck ratio on the market! Years of research and development has allowed us to keep our pricing competitive!

The "tunabilty" of the system is unique to cold air induction systems. With most vehicle options enabling two distinct filter positions/system lengths allows much closer dial-in to individual motor characteristics.

All of our systems are thoroughly tested and tuned with the correct and diameters for each application.

Our systems are custom tailored for each engine application. Thorough testing of different filters and system diameters has resulted in the optimum combination for each motor. Our systems are professionally used and endorsed!

Our systems work great with the factory MAF meters and don't adversely affect meter calibration. They will also accept many aftermarket meters and throttle bodies without modification.

5.0 Magazine called our system an "ANIMAL" on the 03/04 Cobra!

Don't Be fooled by SHOW and no GO or universal one size fits all, with our systems you get a true custom intake for your application, optional color matched paint, dyno and track proven, magazine and independently tested to be some of the best intake systems on the market today.

Our 3.8 systems are posting dyno and track gains of .3 - .4 and 12-15 hp, some of the highest recorded repeatable independent dyno gains ever attained on the V6s!


You ask; What sets us apart from the rest?

10 Reasons That Separate Our System From The Rest

1. The ABS plastic construction of our systems offer the best insulated and coldest intake charge possible.

2. The System's all ABS construction isolates the intake charge from the vehicle metal.

3.  Unlike the metal intakes, you can put your hand on the System after the motor has gotten hot. ABS Plastic does not absorb or retain as much heat as the metal intake system. 

4.  Our System will never condensate or corrode

5. The filter location at the bottom of the fender results in the coolest intake charge without the bugs and moisture associated with the ram air type system.

6. Cleaning the filter involves only removing the cover plate and filter hose clamp. 

7.  All of our base systems are now painted two-stage gloss black. This is the Ford factory paint professionally applied using PPG paints. 

8. Now using "Green Filters" washable filters. Extensive independent testing has shown as much as 10% more airflow than our competitors cheaper knock offs.

9. Our National Product Rating is 4-3/4 stars out of 5, and our product warranty claims index is only .04. That's less than 0.1 of a percent.

10. Tunable Induction Kits have a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Average System Installation Times
With Proper Tools and Equipment:

05+ Mustang & 89-95 5.0L = 0.75 hrs. 
94-04 V6 = 1.5 hrs.
96-04 4.6L = 1.0-1.25 hrs



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